HerTechPath, started in 2016 as a grass-roots community of women in South Australia working in the tech sector who wanted more girls to consider careers in our exciting and influential sector. Recently, HerTechPath, Planit and Aplo offered a school-based workshop designed to enhance interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and help students discover diverse future opportunities, of which several Year 9 students attended.

Students reflect:

“The workshop focused on all the different possible careers in digital technologies. It was very interesting to learn about career options that I never knew existed. It was inspiring to be surrounded by so many people with different stories and backgrounds, and I feel that I learnt lots about app design and testing.” Rose Hurley

“I really enjoyed the workshop where we reverse engineered an app’s design using a wireframe and designed extra features for it. It was helpful to hear all the possible career paths to get into IT and understand the different stories of all the intelligent women who talked to us. Overall, it was a lovely day and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be there.” Sophia Vnuk

“I really enjoyed being at the workshop because the snacks were delicious, and the activities were interesting and required problem solving. I liked learning about the different computing careers there are, and the design one really took my fancy.” Scarlett Adey Parham

“HerTechParh was a good opportunity to see all the different paths and careers in IT. We learnt about how apps function and what makes a good app. I was very thankful to get this opportunity as I learnt a lot of new things I didn’t know about IT.” Darcy Johnston

Ms Joanne Villis
Digital Technologies Coordinator