State Theatre Production: Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill

Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill

Drama and Music ExcursiON

The Year 10 Drama and Music students as well as theYear 11 Music students were fortunate enough to see a play about the life of jazz singer, Billie Holiday. Both breathtaking and challenging, this inspirational musical play took us all back to a very different time with an amazing jazz band and an exceptional performance from performer, Zahra Newman. All the students and staff enjoyed the show immensely and some of their comments are below.

Mr Tom Coultas
Drama Coordinator

students REFLECTED:

“The actress playing Billie Holiday, her voice was entrancing, the drums were thundering, it was beautiful.” Emily

“It was really entertaining, heavy and deep. The music was light-hearted and fun.” Scarlett

“The play was very exciting, the main character did great audience interaction which made the play more interesting.” Nadia

“It was a marvellous show it made feel like we were really in a nightclub or bar in the 1930s.” Phoebe

”The jazz performances were exceptional, they played immaculately absolutely breathtaking.” Hanaaz