From the Visual Arts Department

From the Visual Arts Department

Ms Michelle Barratt
Visual Arts Coordinator

Learning From the MasterS!

Learning from the masters, drawing workshop at the Art Gallery of South Australia

In Week 10 the Semester 2 Visual Art class attended a drawing workshop at the Art Gallery of South Australia. The workshop was a great opportunity for our students to be taught by practicing artist Ellie Noir and to view a range of beautiful drawings from the art galleries collection that are not usually seen by the general public.

“It was great fun to try new drawing approaches and to use charcoal.” Rosalie Heredia

“It was a great experience to draw  from life and I am so grateful for this opportunity.” Chelsi Ciccozi

“This workshop helped me to understand human proportions and the importance of patience.” Piper Polgase

Senior Art & Design Exhibition

Are you interested in finding out what happens in Year 10, 11 and 12 Art and Design? Be sure not to miss the inspiring senior Art and Design display in the foyer! 

See the dynamic works of the Semester 1, Year 10 and 11 Art & Design classes. On display are heart-warming ‘My Place’ paintings from the Year 10 Art students, innovative shelter designs from the Year 10 Design students, a variety of couture paper dresses inspired by the sea created in Year 11 Design, skilled artworks inspired by the environment created by the Year 11 Art students . This exhibition is on display until next week (Week 3 of this term), Wednesday August 9th.