Let Mercy Light the Way – Class of 2022 Academic Success

Let Mercy Light the Way – Class of 2022 Academic Success


This was the word that Ms Jacqui Jury, SAC’s Deputy Principal – Teaching and Learning, chose to summarise the achievements of St Aloysius College’s Class of 2022.

One hundred per cent of our Year 12 students successfully obtained their SACE, and 21 per cent of the cohort achieved an ATAR score of 95 or above, placing them in the top five per cent of all Australian students.

The Class of 2022 completed their entire SACE during a time of pandemic, which presented unique difficulties. But, with determination, courage and resilience, they proved that no challenge was insurmountable.

Our College Dux for 2022, with an ATAR score of 99.7, which placed her in the top one per cent of students in Australia, is Alisha Nair. Alisha returned to SAC on Friday 17 February for a special Dux Assembly, where she celebrated her academic achievements with her peers and was officially presented with her award by Principal, Ms Paddy McEvoy, and distinguished guest and Old Scholar, Ms Carmen Basilicata, Class of 2000.

Alisha Nair started at SAC as a Reception student and completed all of her schooling at the College. Alisha and her family have become enmeshed in the life of the College, which she credits with moulding her into a young woman with strong links to the Mercy values, and aspirations of becoming a medical professional when she completes university in several years.

Reflecting on her experience of Year 12 in a compelling speech to the school community, Alisha shared a Japanese proverb: “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.”

“I think a lot of us here today can agree that having a teacher that is passionate about their subject, complements your learning style and pushes you to be your best is a really special feeling.”

These sentiments were shared by Carmen Basilicata, who also embraced the opportunity to share insights with our students, parents and staff during the Dux Assembly.

“There are many values that are important and matter to me, but it is the Mercy values embodied in life at SAC that guide my decisions, actions and behaviours – and they are Service, Hospitality, Courage, Justice, Respect and Compassion.

In her closing remarks, Carmen called on the community to, “let the Mercy values be the torch that lights up the dark and illuminate the path.”

Since graduating from SAC, Carmen has maintained her commitment to learning. She has completed a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Justice and Society, a Bachelor of Laws, a Diploma of Legal Practice, a Diploma of Languages, an Accreditation in Mediation and a Certificate IV in Government (Project Management). Carmen is now the Executive Director of Market Performance and Engagement for the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) – the National Regulator for vocational education and training.

Hearing from Old Scholars like Carmen, whose lives have indeed been illuminated by the Mercy values instilled in them at SAC, gives the Class of 2022 hope and assurance that, as they take their next steps beyond the school gates, there will always be a place for them in the SAC community.

Maddie Kelly
Marketing & Communications Team