Let’s Talk about it: Mental Health

Let’s Talk about it: Mental Health

Given the impact of global, national and local events, it was timely that the Year 8, 11 & 12 students were afforded the opportunity to participate in sessions run by Headspace, a dedicated service for young people which promotes awareness of and support for mental health.

Via interactive and engaging presentations, students were encouraged to consider what mental health is all about, while acknowledging that it is not an easy or comfortable topic for many people to talk about. Overcoming stigma around mental health issues is a hurdle which Headspace sessions like these hope to address.

Students were encouraged to chat with one another and to fill up their ‘stress buckets’ with their own and common stressors, to identify and own the things which might be contributing to issues with well-being. Tips to release pressures created by stressors were then explored.

Really useful and practical tips were offered to give students options for destressing, for example, the value of exercise, regular sleep , a healthy diet and creating connections with others were obvious options, not always well-utilised by students.

Details of a raft of professional help organisations were made available with the over-riding message that mental health challenges are experienced by large portions of society, that we need to reach out and that help, and support, are available.

Ms Carolyne Williams
Year 12 Coordinator | HASS Coordinator

Students reflected:

“The presentation was amazing. I really valued being involved in the presentation and the information was great.” Mia Jordan

“It was informative with really useful information. It is good to know that there is dedicated, non-judgmental help in society for mental health issues.” Mikayla Murray

“I found the presentation really good. It gave me the opportunity to evaluate current strategies I use to destress, while providing me with some new approaches I will definitely try.” Mahlet Negash