‘Of Light’ – An exciting excursion to the Jam Factory!

‘Of Light’ – An exciting excursion to the Jam Factory!

Year 5 Students had an exciting excursion to the Jam Factory in Week 8. This term we have been learning about ‘light’ in Science. The Jam Factory currently has an exhibition called ‘Of Light’ produced by Jessica Loughlin, a South Australian glass artist. Loughlin creates kiln-formed glass works that explore her fascination and research into light and space. Students were able to connect their understanding of reflection, refraction, absorption of colour, and shadow in her art works. Students also viewed glass blowing artists working in the studio space. 

The Year 5 Teachers

“I really loved how the light was refracting, it looked like different colours from different angles.” Milica Maksimovic 5JS

“I really liked how they made the glass blowing and I thought it was cool how when it cooled out, it turned into glass.” Kennedy Axon 5JS