Primary Sport

Hot Shots Tennis Day

On Wednesday 26 October, 24 Years 3 and 4 students enjoyed a day out at the Hot Shots tennis competition at Millswood Tennis Centre. The day involved promoting the game of tennis to young players using smaller sized courts and racquets and red balls. Each Hot Shots team was comprised of four players and there were non-stop mini tennis matches played against other schools. The students played doubles, with different partners each round, and singles matches, and it was really pleasing to see the great hitting throughout the day.

Tennis helps children to develop speed, strength, and agility. The girls displayed enthusiasm and good sportsmanship throughout the competition. Emphasis was placed on maximum participation, learning new skills and court etiquette. All three SAC teams won the tennis dancing round, displaying wonderful multi-tasking abilities! We hope the girls will continue on with their tennis and join a local Hot Shots tennis program at a nearby club.

Ms Sarah Eaton
Physical Education Teacher