Year 4’s Excursion to the Botanic Gardens

Year 4’s Excursion to the Botanic Gardens

This term, the Year 4’s went on an excursion to the Botanic Gardens. We went there to learn about the social history of the Kaurna people and surrounding neighbouring language groups. We looked at different native plants and bush foods that are used for a range of different things in the Kaurna culture, such as hunting tools, medicine and shelter.

Firstly we walked there from school. We saw many interesting things on the way, like old buildings and interesting shops. When we arrived we met our tour guides Tjimari and Iteka. We split into groups and explored the gardens looking at all of the fascinating plants. We looked at a plant that when added to tea, it can cause an anaphylactic reaction!

 After we said goodbye to our tour guides, we set off to school and reached our classrooms right as the skies opened and it started to pour!

Our excursion was informative, relevant to our HASS and Science topics and very fun!

By Andriana Timogan, Isabella Paez & Nancy Mitchell 4PG