Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

It is always with pride and reverence that students embrace the opportunity to participate in Remembrance Day activities.

This year, carrying the honour of supporting the 2/43rd Battalion, for whom SAC is custodian of over 200 remembrance crosses and their ceremonial flag, were students of 7NW. The students placed the crosses on the Field of Remembrance in preparation for the official Remembrance Day service at the North Terrace memorial. On Remembrance Day students attended the formal ceremony and also placed an individual wreath on the war memorial monument.

At the same time as the North Terrace ceremony was taking place, students from 10EH were honoured to be able to lay a wreath at West Terrace Cemetery. That morning, the same students had placed poppies on some of the individual resting places of Australian soldiers (of which there are 4,150 resting places at the heritage listed cemetery).

This was a fantastic opportunity for students to be involved with local community, learn about the history of West Terrace Cemetery, the many conflicts Australia has been involved in be involved in and to be part of the spirit of Remembrance Day. 

Thanks to Ms Rosa Frezza and Ms Elizabeth Heuzenroeder for taking their classes and enabling SAC to participate in significant community and national events.

Ms Carolyne Williams
HASS Coordinator