SAC Year 12 Change-makers in Action

SAC Year 12 Change-makers in Action

Our Year 12 Society and Culture students are the change-makers our world needs! They worked together to build a Social Action lunchtime fair that raised awareness and funds for causes they care about, while sharing their learning with younger students.


Deaf Australia advocates for deaf people, removing social barriers that deaf/hard of hearing people may face. We hope our school community can be more informed about Australian Sign Language, assisting Deaf Australia in making Auslan a nationally recognised and respected language of choice.” Eliza, Fatema, Fransine, Jade & Keeral

“This social action task enabled us to educate younger children on the importance of healthy/balanced eating by supporting the Butterfly Foundation. We enjoyed interacting with the students , selling cupcakes and brownies as well as educating them with our fun and interactive ‘put the food in the food group’ game. Overall, we believe our foundation was a great success and we did a great job educating students from a whole range of year levels.” Eloise, Serena, Annaliese and Paige

“Throughout the Social Action task, the group was excited to share support and raise awareness for The White Ribbon Foundation. This was done by asking individuals to express their own thoughts on respectful actions, in an effort to reinforce respectful behaviours and relationships. The group was extremely thankful and proud of the efforts made by the students to support this foundation.” Ruby, Eloise, Natalia, and Jorja