SAC’s Year 3 LEGO Expo

SAC’s Year 3 LEGO Expo

A combination of LEGO bricks, motors, sensors AND AN app!

WeDo 2.0 is Lego’s educational robotic hardware and software platform specifically designed for younger students to develop computational thinking. The combination of LEGO bricks, motors, sensors and an app, teaches students simple programing skills.

Students were presented with the challenge to build and program transportation for the future, transportation for a purpose, transportation to innovate to change someone’s life or refine some sort of current transportation. Prior to this challenge, students extended their knowledge and understanding of transportation as they explored early to present transportation. They explored the mechanics of transportation such as pull, push, rotations and speed.  

Then it was time to combine their new skill sets and engineer solutions. Solutions were showcased at SAC’s Lego Expo. According to Alexandra Richter, “the building was the best part. I built a helicopter”. For Lily Pangallo, she investigated space transportation. “I built a rocket flag ship, when you get the flag to space and land, you can then take it out and put in the ground”.

Students builds and posters showcased creativity and they communicated their concepts and learning with judges. What an amazing STEM unit.

Ms Jo Villis
Digital Technologies Coordinator