From the Religious Education Coordinator (R-6)

From the Religious Education Coordinator (R-6)

Ms Sandra Sofia
Religious Education Coordinator (R-6)

Shrove Tuesday

SHARING THE meaning, traditions & RAISING OVER $130 for Project Compassion

The traditions of Shrove Tuesday date back to the Middle Ages when people were encouraged to eat the luxurious foods of butter, eggs and milk before the fasting of Lent. Some Primary classes participated in the Pancake event of Shrove Tuesday by eating pancakes, donating a gold coin for Project Compassion or collecting donations for the Adelaide day Centre. We raised $135.60 for Project Compassion.  Food donations were delivered on Monday morning to the Adelaide Day Centre. They were very appreciative of our contributions that will support their breakfast and lunch program.

It was really fun. I liked the pancakes with the whipped cream, chocolate syrup and sprinkles.” Lavanya 4NP

“Shrove Tuesday is the day before Lent where we eat up all the sugar, butter and eggs. We give these up during Lent.” Jayda 4NP  

Ash Wednesday

“remember that your are dust & to dust you shall return”

Ash Wednesday begins the liturgical season of Lent reminding us of the forty days that Jesus spent in the desert.  It is a time for all people to follow the example of Jesus. This includes reflecting through prayer, reading Scripture, fasting and giving to others. It is also a time of gratitude, to consider our blessings and give thanks for all God has given us. It is a period of preparation and during this time the liturgical colour is purple.

On Wednesday, students participated in liturgies in classes receiving ashes and acknowledging ways to follow Jesus’ example more closely. Each primary student was given a Project Compassion box to take home to collect donations for Caritas Australia as a way of helping others, known as almsgiving. This year’s theme is “FOR ALL FUTURE GENERATIONS” encourages us to work for a better future. These boxes can be returned after Easter to the front office. Please complete the tab inside with box with the total amount collected.  As a Mercy school, we are encouraged to follow our values of justice, courage, hospitality, compassion, respect and service to others during the season of Lent. 

“We viewed the images from Project Compassion of those that have been helped through donations. The money raised has helped provide food and medical needs too.” Lottie 6JN

“In our class liturgy, we each said a prayer. We received ashes on our heads. We listened to quiet music playing so that we could think about how we should act in the community, to make us better towards others.” Delilah 6JN

“The money that we collect during Lent is used to improve the lives of many people through food and education. The boxes are returned after Easter.”  Isabelle 6JN   



Students from Year 4 who are of the Roman Catholic Rite and have already celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation are now able to prepare and celebrate the Sacraments of Confirmation & First Eucharist to complete their Sacraments of Initiation. The celebration of both these sacraments will occur on Wednesday 22 June in the St Francis Xavier Cathedral.

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Ms Sandra Sofia
Religious Education (R‑6) Coordinator