School Camp at Narnu Farm!

School Camp at Narnu Farm!

The Year 3 students were blessed with mostly sunny days at Narnu Farm in Hindmarsh Island last week! The students enjoyed participating in many farm activities including feeding the animals, holding baby chickens, learning how to make butter, making billy-carts and learning about historical farm equipment. A big thank you to all the teachers who supported our students in this memorable excursion!

Students Reflected:

“My favourite part of camp was feeding the animals because I liked to give them the food they like to eat!” Samantha Nelson

“I liked it when we got to hold the cute animals and when we played on the playground – it was fun!” Sarah Mahsoomi

“I really liked feeding the animals. When they ate from my hand it tickled!” Jesinta Stabile

“I liked sleeping in bunk beds and the food was good. I also liked touching the animals and feeding them.” Mary Helen Nunez Perez