Incredibly fun, fascinating & uplifting!

Incredibly fun, fascinating & uplifting!

Singing along with JAM Band!

Our Primary classes were so lucky to welcome the JAM Band last Friday. Providing an interactive and educational children’s show and inspiring our students to develop confidence and self-esteem, this interactive performance was entertaining and uplifting! Students (and teachers) had a great time dancing and singing at the top of their lungs. Thanks for sharing your energy with us, JAM Band!

Students reflected:

“I liked all of the songs and how they changed them to do it in their own way. I liked how they used different instruments in the songs.” Ashely Phillis 5VT

“The JAM Band was so much fun. I loved getting up and dancing to all the cool songs.” Ruby O’Brien 3ID

“The JAM band was really fun! My favourite part was being part of the concert. I got to dress up like a sailor in blue and white and a bucket hat and talk in an Irish accent. I told everyone that the first thing I’d drink if I were ‘bound for South Australia’ would be a Farmers’ Union Iced Coffee!” Mattea Furnari 4PG

It was a lot of fun because the music was boppy and I liked getting up and dancing to the music.” Paige Hallligan 2GC

“Their performance was lively, fun, and amusing. Participating in JAM Band’s performance as a volunteer unleashed my party animal side!” Laraib Jaffrey 5JA

“Many students enjoyed the activities and had no problem to join in and have some fun on that Friday morning. The performance had a lot of comedy and the audience, even the new Receptions, listened intently. We can assure you that this ‘concert’ was absolutely amazing.” Nekeesha Jayasinghe & Charlize Dang (Year 5 Students)

“Friday’s JAM Band performance provided an excellent opportunity for strengthening student self-confidence. Students from Reception to Year 6 participated in the performance by singing along to both known songs and unfamiliar songs learnt on the day. Selected students showed bravery and stepped out of their comfort zone by dressing in costumes to dance, act or speak in front of their peers as a part of the show.” Ms Madeleine Binney (Music Teacher)