Solving Real World Problems in Year 11 Business Innovation

Solving Real World Problems in Year 11 Business Innovation

Throughout the semester, Year 11 Business Innovation students have been developing their own innovative products to address real-world problems. Using skills from the Design Thinking Process, students created a Business Model Summary that reflects their business concept and product idea. Last week, the students had the opportunity to prepare and present their Business Pitch to a panel of teachers who assumed the roles of investors The students enjoyed the ‘Shark Tank’ style interactions and valued the chance to receive meaningful feedback on their ideas.

Ms Kiara Schonberger
Year 11 Business Innovation Teacher

“I really enjoyed it, and the students did so well, considering how intimidating it must be to have a whole panel of teachers!!! Well done you for being innovative.” Ms Sarah Cowling (Teacher)

“I really enjoyed listening to the girls’ presentations and would be happy to enjoy the panel again in the future. It was great fun. Congratulations on your innovative teaching ideas.”  Ms Wendy-Anne (Teacher)