Spring Has Sprung OSHC 2023

Spring Has Sprung – Week 3

This week students got into the spirit of spring! They enjoyed engaging with a variety of crafts in the mornings and sharing their favorite things about spring.

Students started the week by making their own hand-print flowers. To do this, they traced the shape of their own hands, cut them out, and wrapped it around a pipe cleaner to create a paper flower. Students enjoyed using different coloured paper to create different types of flowers.

On Wednesday morning, Week 3, several students engaged with decorating their own snail printout. They used glitter, sequins, pom poms, silver cellophane, and coloured markers to decorate their creations. We talked about other bugs and animals that come out in springtime while they worked on the activity.

Student Reflections

We asked students, ‘What comes to your mind when you think of spring?

“I think of flowers blooming.” Christine C

“Getting warmer and getting ready for summer.”- Veronika M

“I think about flowers and the sun.”Chantelle P

“It reminds me of flowers and playing outside.”Madeline M