The Charter Ambassador Program (CAP)

The Charter Ambassador Program (CAP)

The Charter Ambassador Program (CAP) seeks to ‘give life’ to the Charter for Children and Young People in South Australia. It is a step towards giving them a platform to use their voice and have a say about what matters to young people now and in the future, without discrimination. Our Year 10 ambassadors, Annabelle, Julia, Ava, Revathi and Poppy were privileged to attend Parliament House to participate in an inspiring Immersion Day.

“During our visit to Parliament House, hearing from changemakers such as Rhiannon Pearce, Heidi Girolamo and Connie Bonaros, was not only inspiring but extremely empowering for those of us who want to make a change in our communities. Hearing their personal experiences and receiving their advice, allowed for many young women in the room to feel encouraged to stand up for what they believe in making the whole experience extremely special.”  Revathi (Year 10 student)

“Whilst attending Parliament house, I enjoyed listening to the 3 members of parliament speak about their views on barriers and challenges in Australia. They inspired me to speak up for myself and make a change amongst young advocates including myself. Annabelle (Year 10 student)

“I enjoyed the chance to question members of parliament and get their perspectives and insight into politics and change making. Going around the various rooms and hearing more about the history of parliament and women in politics was interesting and I learnt a lot. This event has inspired me to advocate for changes in my community and school.” Julia Di Ciocco (Year 10 student)