Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

As its name suggests this is an Internationally recognised award founded by the late Duke of Edinburgh. It offers young people the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and experience new challenges, whilst also providing them with the knowledge of safe guidance and support as they journey through their chosen activities.

The Award is divided into three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. Students usually start at Bronze level when they are 13 and six months old. Each level has the following elements associated with it:

On completion of Bronze and Silver levels the Awardees receive certificates and associated badges as well as 10 SACE credits for each level. For Gold level the Awardees are invited to a ceremony at Government House with their families to receive the certificate and Gold badge along with 20 SACE credits.

Tuesday 13 February 3 students where selected to address 750 international students who are staying in Adelaide for several weeks. Our 3 students where asked to talk to the visitors to encourage them to take up the Dukes Award  and continue with it when the return to their respective countries.

The 3 SAC students where, Charlotte Bigot (a French international student studying here at SAC and who is participating in the Dukes Award), Mariya Zaghwan, currently on her Silver level and Adi Hardy currently on her Gold award. All three talked about their experiences in, and enthusiasm for Dukes.

Annual Report from Dukes HQ Year Ending 2023

Below is an overview of the completion rates of Dukes participants Nationally compared with the completion rate within South Australia and in particular with SAC.

It is abundantly clear that SAC is by far out pacing both the National and the SA completion rates in both Silver and Gold levels. A clear indication of just how popular and successful the Dukes Program is here at SAC.

Our goal for 2024 is to work even harder to encourage more of our students to continue with their Dukes award beyond Bronze Level and hopefully attain greater numbers than that of the National figure.

Mr Alan BrownAlan Brown and Libby Butterworth
Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Coordinators