Understanding the complexity of the legal system

Understanding the complexity of the legal system

Legal Studies students recently spent some time visiting the South Australian parliament and the law courts. Visiting these legal institutions provides a unique opportunity for our students to identify different perspectives as they observe politicians debating issues that impact us daily and judges making complex decisions. Students learn to understand the complexity of the legal system; the wide range of factors that politicians and judges must consider when making laws or sentencing convicted people and the difficulties in balancing the rights and responsibilities of diverse people. Below are reflections of two students:

“In the Stage 1 Legal Studies course, we have been learning about the processes in which the state and federal parliaments make and pass laws. We were recently given the opportunity to visit Parliament House. In the House of Assembly, we observed ministers proposing amendments, in addition to members of both houses asking ministers about matters of concern relating to government policy and activities in that minister’s portfolio during question time. Furthermore, we were also given the chance to view cases in the District and Magistrate Courts.  In correlation with our learning of the complex legal system, we were exposed to several criminal cases and a sentencing case which enriched our understanding of dispute resolution processes. We thank Ms Zwolski and Ms Sarunic for accompanying us on our excursion and we look forward to further opportunities in the Stage 2 course!”  Aupala Ameek

“These excursions allowed a practical side to the Legal Studies course and they gave us the opportunity to experience what we are learning in class outside of school. Visiting the courts and parliament not only gave us an insight into the work of politicians and legal professionals, but also knowledge on how the public can participate in civic life.” Nateisha Bruno

Ms Lucyna Zwolski
Legal Studies Teacher