Vacation Care – December 2022/January 2023

Vacation Care – December 2022/January 2023

Over the course of three weeks during the school holidays, students from the SAC community enjoyed a range of activities during the Vacation Care Program.

There were several excursions to the movies as well as a morning picnic at the Helicopter Park in North Adelaide and an energetic day of outdoor play and exploration at the Morialta Conservation Park.

Our OSHC centre activities included an incursion with the dance group “Footsteps” where instructors guided the girls through various fun dance styled including hip-hop.

Our cultural day explored the country of Italy. Students immersed themselves in a cultural day filled with Italian food, language, crafts and music.

Many other activities included ‘Santa’s workshop’, ‘games day’, ‘under the sea’ activity day and ‘let’s celebrate Australia’ day. We concluded the program with a fun filled ‘Disney day’. Students came dressed as their favourite character and enjoyed an array of activities, party food and games.

These experiences give students the opportunity to broaden their minds and imaginations, all while having fun – those three weeks of Vacation Care flew by, but we are sure that students will remember it for a long time.

Assistant Director