Term 1 Vacation Care Program

Term 1 Vacation Care Program

Another successful Vacation Care Program was enjoyed by many students!

During the Term 1 Vacation Care Program, the students enjoyed an array of activities offered in the OSHC Centre as well as some excursions. The excursions included a morning tea at the ever so popular Glover playground in North Adelaide.  The other two excursions were to Nova Cinemas in Prospect where students watched the movies ‘Árgonuts’ and the ‘Super Mario Brothers movie’.

Our OSHC Centre was ever so busy with activities such as Craft Day, Bring Your Wheels Day and a cultural day of activities focusing on New Zealand, where students were immersed in cultural activities, songs, dance, food, crafts and cooking.

We concluded our program with a celebration of ‘National Superheroes Day’ where students came dressed as their favourite superhero and enjoyed the many activities of the day.

Ms Vicki Costi
Acting Director

Stay Tuned!

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