Virtual Reality (VR) Experience for Students

Virtual Reality (VR) Experience for Students

Year 10 and Stage 1 Digital Technology students went to Lumination Lab to be immersed in VR. They stepped into the shoes of an astronaut and experienced what it might feel like to navigate through the stars and into the future. They investigated the challenges and exciting possibilities that exist in space exploration. Students reflect:

“It was good to experience what it might be like for an astronaut, you see the world how an astronaut would”. Kimonne Gumber

 “I was supposed to take a photo of the damage to the space station so the people could see how bad it was, but the camera flew away. I had a toolbox, I picked up the screwdriver and threw it at the camera in a state of panic, it was epic mess”.  Keira Gerrard

“What an eye-opening experience which gave me an insight into South Australia’s space industry”. Samantha Hay

It was great to lean about technology and innovation which is involved in venturing into outer space and planning for setting up a new civilisation.

Ms Joanne Villis
Digital Technologies Coordinator