Why we need more women in STEM

Why we need more women in STEM

The International Coalition of Girls’ Schools hosted an event at Loreto College to consider the topic of “Why we need more women in STEM”. Our Year 11 students asked great questions and we were proud to see old scholar Eva Balan-Vnuk on the panel. 

Student Reflections

“You can’t be what you can’t see. This was the opening statement addressed to us all, but with a panel of six women working across various areas of STEM, I think it’s safe to say that we were able to gain an insight into a variety of fields. Hearing about different career pathways was definitely valuable for us all while we consider possible careers for our own futures, as well as having the opportunity to speak to the panellists after the event.” Zayna,Year 11 Student

“Attending the women in STEM event was a great opportunity to meet women in various STEM related careers and listen to their stories about how they got into the careers they’re currently in. It also allowed me to see that pursuing a STEM career isn’t always a linear path like I had thought it was.” Abbie, Year 11 Student

“At the Women in STEM event, I enjoyed learning about many different career paths which we have as options to us. In addition to listening to the panel members speak about their own experiences, I was able to ask my own questions. I was particularly interested in how their careers have advanced when such a large proportion of in the STEM industry are male, and how they are trying to fight this.” Alexis, Year 11 Student