Year 10 Languages Day

Year 10 Languages Day

Opportunities to practise language skills and enjoy some cultural activities were the order of the day for the Year 10 Languages Immersion Day on Friday 12 August. The current students began the day with an expert panel of senior students who gave them the low-down on learning a language to Stage 2 and beyond, with lots of useful tips and anecdotes. Our French exchange student Eglantine gave them insight into the advantages of having a second or even third language, as well as some information about the life of a teenager in France. There were lots of questions, especially once the prospect of overseas study trips was launched.

For the rest of the day the students split into their specific language groups to enjoy a range of activities, from Eglantine cooking crêpes for the French students before the sun came out for a few rounds of pétanque and lunch at the French bistro. The Chinese girls explored different foods in Chinatown before enjoying craft activities, while the Indonesian students created Gamelan music before heading off to lunch. A pasta making workshop and lunch for the Italian students was followed by a trip to Rome, or rather the Sistine Chapel Exhibition in Rundle Place. Now we just need to go and see the real thing!

Ms Jane Mahar
Languages Coordinator

In another sign that life is returning to normal, SAC has hosted our French Exchange student Eglantine Andre for the past ten weeks. Organised through Student Exchanges Australia and New Zealand, Eglantine wanted to come and experience life in a different country where she could consolidate her English language skills. Swapping her long summer holidays, Eglantine tried her hand at some of the subjects not typically offered in French schools, such as Outdoor Education, as well as others that she had not chosen to study at home, like Visual Arts. Eglantine was also an invaluable help in the French classes here, sharing her stories and collaborating with the senior students as they approach their final exams. She was very surprised at how friendly and approachable teachers are here, and formed some good friendships with her peers. Eglantine has now returned home to France ready to start her new school year with many fantastic memories and experiences, but we are sure that this will not be her last visit to Australia.

exchange student Eglantine, reflects:

During my time at SAC, I got the opportunity to experience many Australian school things. I decided to come to Australia to learn English better and to experience the Australian way of living as well as the experience of being away from my home, family and friends.

I had the opportunity to experience and participate in Year 9 and 10 Languages days. On these days, I did a presentation on escargots and crêpes and the history behind them and then showed them how to make them. I was able to play pétanque with both year levels, visit the Central Market, and eat at a French restaurant.

I had opportunities to give presentations on ‘Languages in France’, ‘What languages have offered me’, ‘Why France is France today’, the French Revolution and French politics. I also went to younger year levels to present to them about My Life in France. This was good as it gave me more English-speaking practice than I thought I was going to have.

I chose to study English, French, IPP, Art, Outdoor Ed, Society and Culture, Religion and Psychology. I particularly like Society and Culture, Outdoor Ed, Art and French. I found a big difference in every aspect of the school as it is less strict here and I liked how every student has a relationship with their teachers. I also liked how school hours are less in Australia and that I got to go home before 7pm.

I have really enjoyed my experiences in Australia and at SAC and I can’t wait to come back!

Eglantine was delighted to share her French crepes recipe and collaborate with her Australian peers during French lessons – Thanks Eglantine!