Year 11 Outdoor Education

Year 11 Outdoor Education

conservation & sustainability, human connections, social growth & development

Year 11 Outdoor Education is a SACE subject that many students have selected to study as part of their Year 11 education. Many of whom go on to study this subject in Year 12.

Outdoor Education provides the opportunity for experiential learning through the study of three focus areas: conservation and sustainability; human connections with nature; and personal and social growth and development. Students develop skills, knowledge, and understanding of safe and sustainable outdoor experiences in the key areas of preparation and planning, managing risk, leadership and decision-making, and self-reliance skills.

Students reflect on their study of natural areas and their potential to promote personal development, group development, health and well-being, environmental learning, sustainable living, and social justice.

As part of this experience the students participated in a session at Holden Hill Indoor rock-climbing gym. They learnt the safe procedures for climbing and belaying as well as experiencing various climbs for themselves. They also visited the High Ropes Course at Woodhouse where they worked in teams to defeat many obstacles high up in the trees to get familiar with the climbing equipment and to overcome the fear of heights.

These challenges are a precursor for their outdoor rock-climbing experience at Morialta later this term.

Mr Alan Brown
Outdoor Education Coordinator