Year 11 Retreat Day

Year 11 Retreat Day

At the Year 11 Retreat Day, students and staff participated in a workshop facilitated by First Nations peoples. The workshops included painting, weaving, silk-screening, dance, Aboriginal artefacts and a yarn-up session, all of which afforded the opportunity to learn about Aboriginal culture and traditions.


“I enjoyed having the opportunity to learn about the significance of art in Indigenous culture, as a medium to carry stories through sacred symbols and images.” Tara T, 11SE

“I found the painting session very empowering as we learnt about Betty Muffler’s art, the way she tells her story and uses her voice through her artwork.” Anjali B, 11 SE

“In the silk screen I created. I used different symbols, connecting my family and interests with aboriginal symbols and culture. The leaf represents my love, passion, and care for nature and gardening. This symbol connects to aboriginal culture with its connection to country and its care and respect for the land on which we live.” Savannah B, 11MS

The Year 11 retreat gave all students the opportunity to become immersed within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.  With learning beside inspirational individuals, like Pilawuk, we were able to further understand the deep connection that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals have to their land and heritage. It was a transformative experience that left all of us with a newfound appreciation for such a significant history.Gabriella B, 11FT

“Not only did we go to a beautiful place, but together as a cohort we were able to further our understanding and explore hands on about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. I was able to walk away from the day feeling at peace, with a much greater appreciation for their incredible culture. The best Retreat, for sure!” Mia,  11FT