Year 11’s Future Investments & Innovative Ideas

Year 11’s Future Investments & Innovative Ideas

SAC’s ‘Shark Tank’

This semester, students in Year 11 Business Innovation have been working towards creating a new product or service. Students have engaged in the Design Thinking Process to empathise, define, ideate, prototype, and test their business ideas. Along the way, students have received feedback and made meaningful refinements to their ideas to come to a final product or service. Last week, students prepared and presented a pitch of their innovative ideas to a panel of teachers. The students had a great time participating in the ‘Shark Tank’ style interactions with the teachers and their peers.

Year 11 Business Innovation students, Chloe Ross, and Stacey Frisina took advantage of the opportunity to create physical prototypes of their proposed products. With assistance from Mr Thomas Cotton, the students used the 3D printer to bring their ideas to life.

“3D printing allowed my ideas to come to life through a product that I have been working on in business innovations. I used the 3D printer to print a prototype of a shampoo bottle.” Stacey Frisina 11SE

Students Reflected:

“The pitch presentation was an invaluable experience for me. I enjoyed every step of the process, from brainstorming to pitching my own idea. Looking back at my designs and ideas prompted for my prototype, I realised this journey sparked a lot of creativity and entrepreneurial skills in me I did not know existed.” Belle Tsz Ching Phung 11MB

“I presented my pitch to the sharks which was a really fun way to end our topic looking at start-up businesses. My business was an online service which was targeting visual learners who struggle to cook from written recipes, and solving their problem through presenting healthy, sophisticated and delicious recipes in the form of videos. This involves videos of chefs and professionals who show you exactly what you need to do, providing tips and tricks along the way, making the experience easier, more interactive and fun.” Hannah Kearins 11LN

bringing the share markeT to life in the year 11 classrooms

As part of the Year 11 Economics course and the Year 11 Business Innovation course, students learn about public companies and the nature of the share market. To bring the classroom to life, students participated in the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) School’s Share market Game. As part of the game, students were provided with $50,000 in virtual cash to invest in a simulated share market over a 2-month period. Students gained first-hand experience in buying and selling shares, researching companies, and using technical language. The game officially concluded on the 8th of June 2023. A big congratulations to Alice Tyler and Ava Smith who took first place in their respective classes.

Ms Kiara Schonberger
Year 11 Teacher