Year 12 Outdoor Education

Year 12 Outdoor Education

Our Year 12 Outdoor Education students have been making progress on the practical components of their Stage 2 AT1 and AT21 Assessments this term. The students have participated in Kayaking Skill Development sessions in the SAC Pool, as well as Field Trips to West Lakes and Garden Island, to analyse their performance of a variety of strokes which will ensure safe and enjoyable journeys on the water.

Whilst out on the Field Trips, we have also visited Wara Wayingga – Tennyson Dunes to collect evidence and data to study the biodiversity of this natural environment, the last of its kind along our coast.

Meanwhile, Stage 1 students in Year 11 have been preparing for upcoming High Ropes and Rock-Climbing courses. These experiences require students to possess an understanding of Group Dynamics and Leadership skills, as well as basic Risk Assessment and Planning used for outdoor adventure activities.

Mr Michael Heath
Outdoor Education Coordinator