Year 3 Bilingual Storytellers!

Year 3 Bilingual Storytellers!

Our 3EG students were given the challenge of writing a ‘Bilingual story’, partly in Chinese and partly in English – a culmination of four terms of learning including food, transport, introduction and sea animals. They read a model story by the teacher and in teams of two or three they then wrote their version. All students in the classroom rose to the challenge!

Ms Elaine Angwin
Chinese Teacher

“We can translate all the Chinese in the story to English. Me and Simona worked incredibly well in our Chinese and shared our ideas with each other. It was very fun working with her.” Nancy Mitchell

“It was fun learning Chinese. It really helps me because I might live in China.” Lucie Gibbon

“We worked together doing half Chinese, half English. We can also translate the Chinese into English. It was really fun sharing ideas.” Simona Lynn

“I liked working together and helps me with my pronunciation.” Xanthe Noke

I really liked writing this story and I love Chinese.Esther Haines