Year 3s and 11s Buddy up with Laptops

Year 3 and 11s Buddy up with Laptops

Our Year 3 students were excited to receive their new devices. They have been enjoying the assistance of Year 11 students in helping to set these up. Year 11 student Poshika Magesh reflected on the experience “It was really nice to be able to help the Year 3s with their laptops. They were so energetic to work with.”


“I liked how my buddy was patient and kind and helped me when I was organising my laptop” – Evie Forel

“Our buddy taught us new things like copying images onto a document. They were helpful” – Amelia Wilson

“We learned how to organise folders for our work. Our buddies were nice and I wish they could come back and help us again” Sienna Pfeiffer

“My buddy was very encouraging and helped me to learn how to copy and paste into Word” Isabella Parra-Cardenas