Year 3 Mindfulness Creations

Year 3 Mindfulness Creations

The Year 3 classes learned the ancient Indian tradition of mandala creation. From the ancient language of ‘Sanskrit’, mandala means ‘circle’. Students participated in workshops with Cathy Gray from Inkworks to create their own designs. They surrendered to the process of working in silence to channel their creativity, letting what came to mind translate to their paper.

Year 3 Teachers

Students’ reflections:

“I like how you can do whatever you want with it and mistakes are OK, they make it better because you can be creative with them.” – Therese Ouano

“I like making mandalas because no matter what you do, it looks pretty.” – Nancy Hurrell

“I learned that if you take your time, the patterns can look really good. The workshop was fun, but it was a bit hard to be silent the whole time!”Devanshi Bhatt

“I liked the patterns that we could choose from to use in our mandala. It was something I had never done before and I really enjoyed it.” Evie Broomfield

“Mandalas use a variety of different patterns to make a big picture which looks really effective.”Anastasia Aritzis

“It’s really important to not rush your mandala and take as much time as you need.” Mila Fimmel