Year 4 Camp at AFL MAX

Year 4 Camp at AFL MAX

This year, the Year 4 classes went to AFL Max for a one night and two-day camp. We arrived at 11:00am and put our luggage in one big room. Then the instructors told us some rules, introduced themselves and we got to eat our recess. After that we got to go and kick some footballs into the goals, points, and the hole targets in the walls. Then we had free time while they got ready for the activities.

We were split into three groups and started at our first activity. One of the activities were meditation and dead bugs/box breathing. It taught us to relax and meditate. Another one of the activities was learning how to take care of our body and have a healthy diet. We got bean bags and put them in our hoops and also had to do a food group picture game. One more of the activities was a heart beating one called “Bump”. In “Bump” we went on an inflatable obstacle course, and we had to do it six times.

After we finished that round of activities, we had lunch and then free time again for an hour.  Afterwards, we had afternoon tea which was fruit and then had more free time. We had a delicious dinner which was lasagna, salad and butter on bread. After dinner we got into our PJ’s, we brushed our teeth and set up our mattresses. Then we got settled in and got to watch the movie “Luca” while we ate our doughnuts and popcorn.

In the morning we got to eat our breakfast which was toast with Vegemite and butter, cereal, fruit and juice. After breakfast, we got to do half an hour of free time and then we did our last quarter. Then we got our stuff and said goodbye and we got on the bus. When we got back to school we did one more lesson and then we got pizza.  

By Year 4 Students Jayda, Estelle and Isabella

“I loved AFL MAX, because we learned about everything healthy.  My favorite thing about AFL MAX was the playground because my friends and I always played in the spiderweb on the playground, and encouraged  everyone to make it to the top. I also loved the movie, when we were all watching with popcorn and a donut. It was amazing there.”

Lavanya, Year 4 Student

“The things I liked about the AFL Max camp was the activities and my favourite  activity was the aerial area because there were trampolines and a big AFL max pillow that you could flip into.”

Cielo, Year 4 Student

The things that I liked about camp were the rock climbing wall because it was challenging and fun to do and you can experience  being up high.”  

Elainnah, Year 4 Student