Year 4 Maritime Museum Excursion

Year 4 Maritime Museum Excursion

REFLECTION BY Year 4 Students: Ivy, Lexi & Alexis Stewart – Year 4 Students

On Tuesday 19 September all Year 4 classes went to the Maritime Museum in Port Adelaide. We have been learning about Australian History and the First Fleet during class, so the Year 4 teachers and volunteers took us to the Maritime Museum to learn more about Australian history. Ms Wildenauer, Ms O’Loughlin and some parents came along too.

The Year 4 classes did three activities – Encounters, The Ketch and a self-guided tour around the museum. In Encounters we learnt about when Mathew Flinders and Nicolas Baudin had an encounter In Encounter Bay which is why it’s called Encounter Bay. We also learnt that navy boats were made thin so they could glide through the water easier and about Aboriginal people meeting Indonesians, The Dutch and Captain Cook.

The next activity was going about the sailing ship The Ketch. We had a checklist of places we needed to find like the captain’s cabin, the helm, the compass and we also found the galley kitchen which could barely fit 3 people inside. Next was the self-guided tour around the Museum. We saw cabins which the early settlers used to sleep in when they were on their way to South Australia. We also saw a giant iron anchor from Matthew Flinders’ ship called “The Investigator”.  The anchor was old and looked like wood even though it was made of iron. It was pulled up from the ocean 170 years after it had been cut off during a storm. We learnt a lot at the museum and had lots of fun learning new things.

After finishing up at the Maritime Museum, we then walked to Hart’s Mill playground where we had some lunch and enjoyed playing on equipment such as the hamster wheel and the spider web.

Finally, the buses arrived and we returned to school after a fun day of learning.