Year 8 Creative Geographers

Artistic Creations of the World’s Landforms – Year 8 Geographers

The Year 8JT class has been demonstrating their creativity and artistic flair in creating models of landforms and landscapes. They have been learning about geomorphic processes such as the movement of tectonic plates, volcanism, erosion, transportation and deposition in the creation of the world’s landforms, including the Himalayas, the Southern Alps of New Zealand, the American Rockies and Australia’s highest mountain Mt Kosciuszko. In their presentations to the class, the students explained the formation of their chosen landform and showcased their models of Halong Bay in Vietnam, the Whitsundays, Vinicunca Peru, known as the rainbow mountain, the Death Valley in Nevada, Jeita Grotto in Lebanon, the Nile River, the Himalayas and Mt Kilimanjaro.

Ms Lucyna Zwolski
Year 8 Geography Teacher