Year 8 Geography Explorations

Year 8 Geography Explorations

8MB have started the year learning about the world’s vast landscapes. The students used Google Earth to explore satellite images of the terrain of some landforms that we discussed in class and enjoyed scratching countries that they have been to, or were born in, on our class World Scratch Map.


In Geography this semester we are learning about landscapes and landforms. We are currently researching landscapes or landforms of our choice with a partner. I really like doing this assignment because I am learning a lot about the way the Greek Islands and Bondi Beach were formed and their value to people. I love Geography this year because my teacher is making it really fun and enjoyable.” – Bella Couch

In Geography we have learnt about the geographical concepts, SPICESS which stands for Space, Place, Interconnections, Change, Environment, Scale and Sustainability. We have been applying these concepts in our assignment on landscapes and landforms. The class enjoyed watching a video and learning about different types of landscapes and landforms, it was very engaging and taught me more about the topic.” Charlotte Hodges