Year 8 Retreat “Friendship, My life as gift”

Year 8 Retreat “Friendship, My life as gift”

As part of student’s Religious Education and Pastoral Care program, the Year 8 students participated in a one-day retreat at the Italian Centre on Carrington Street Adelaide last Thursday and Friday.  In small groups, students participated in activities that involved group discussion, reflection, relaxation, and prayer, focusing on the theme of “Friendship, My life as gift”.

Ms Lisa McLaughlin
Year 8 Coordinator

“The Year 8 Retreat was a refreshing experience which allowed everyone to develop deeper bonds with teachers and students. It provided a good opportunity for students to interact with other people with creative tasks. During this experience, teachers were very supportive and were open to helping students feel more comfortable engaging and joining in. One of the activities included interacting out in nature and connecting with not only members in our group but other friends too. At the end of day, everyone walked out full of new friendships, growth of self-confidence and deeper connections with classmates and peers.” June, Annie & Amelia, Year 8 Students

“At the Year 8 Retreat, we had time to relax and get away from schoolwork. We were able to build closer relationships with students from other classes that we wouldn’t have normally socialised with. We were able to get to know our teachers on a more personal level. We really enjoyed Year 8 Retreat! “ Amel & Georgia, Year 8 Students

“This retreat was a fun filled day to the Italian Center where we participated in prayer, meditation, crafts, and writing. We based our day on the idea “life as a gift” and friendships. Every student and teacher were given a booklet which we used to write thank you letters to people we appreciate. We wrote affirmations to each other and received them from others. By the end of retreat everyone had made new friends and made lots of connections with peers and teachers. Overall, the year 8 retreat was something to remember and something everyone would want to do again.” Olivia, Year 8 Student