Young Engineers Breakfast

Young Engineers Breakfast

Senior students with career aspirations within STEM and engineering were invited to the Engineers Australia Young Engineers Breakfast at the Adelaide Convention Centre on Wednesday 16 August.


“I really enjoyed the breakfast as I could hear from engineers from all over the country, and even the world. The main topic of the event was  A Just Transition.  I got to learn about what this meant to all of the panel members and could form an opinion of my own. I discovered that in the context of environmental solutions, a ‘just transition’ is a consideration of economic, environmental and social barriers while implementing new technologies, assuring no one is left behind.” Alexis 11MS

“I really loved having the opportunity to learn about the significance of a ‘just transition’ in today’s society. I found that listening to Margaret Gayen speak about the importance of environmental, social, and economical sustainability, as well as what we can do as future engineers to help create a more sustainable future, was incredibly inspiring.” Rachael 12LZ

“I really enjoyed talking to the engineers on my table who gave me a lot of insight on the work field of environmental engineering and what it is like. The speakers were very helpful in discussing the ideas revolving a ‘just transition’, which I have now defined it to be how the current generation can transition from our current environmental choices to the next generation with not necessarily different choices but rather choices that make the world more balanced. Hence the idea of a net zero future.” Prefei 12LZ

Ms Rachel Gould
Director of Student Wellbeing (Secondary) | Career Education Support