One young author, many inspired young writers!

One young author, many inspired young writers!

year 4 students were delighted to welcome old scholar Nomiki Thomas – published author by the age of 13!

On Tuesday 16 August, old scholar Nomiki Thomas spoke with 4NP about her experiences in writing and publishing her own novel called “Goodbye”. The novel was a school project in Year 7 and Nomiki spent nine months writing the book, interviewing authors, illustrators and publishers. Ms Priest’s class enjoyed hearing about what was involved in the creative process. Nomiki has also been busy with public speaking engagements. The proceeds from the book are being donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Students were inspired to begin their own narrative writing. We can’t wait to read what Nomiki writes next.

Ms Nicole Priest
Year 4 Teacher

“What I enjoyed about Nomiki’s visit was that she told us all about how her book journey went and how she published it. I also liked the fact she told us some tips like red herring and cliffhangers for when we might write our own book.” Gabrielle Tamondong (4NP)

“Nomiki’s visit gave me inspiration to write my own book. I was very interested in her book and how she got it published. I was also interested in how she talked to authors and publishers.” Jayda Madi (4NP)