Yr 12 Orientation Day

Yr 12 Orientation Day

“Oh, the places you’ll go!”

An excited cohort of 135 Year 12 students began the year with an Orientation Day at Aquinas College, North Adelaide. They were able to enjoy the grounds next to Colonel William Light’s statue to participate in team building activities, before settling down to more formal presentations. Words of wisdom and advice were shared by teachers and old scholars in conjunction with a more light-hearted message from Dr Suess’ classic story, Oh, the places you’ll go!

During our concluding liturgy, the 2024 SRC Executive reflected on their journey from Year 7 to Year 11 and insightful observations were delivered, including some of the following:

“It feels like just yesterday that we were sitting in the Redden Centre, not knowing what the path ahead would lead to.”

“We navigated Year 8 through unprecedented times with online learning that challenged us to grow, forcing us to adapt and become resilient. Though physically separated we still formed bonds and connections will are still with us today.”

“We have moved beyond our questionable phases, strengthened our relationships and started to question what we will become.”

“Now, on the cusp of 18 years of age, we have choices…..some of us will be the new Bill Gates or make a noble difference in our world. But as of right now, most of us don’t know. However, all of us will need the help and support of those around us.”

As the words of the closing prayer attest,

Lord, as we face the year ahead, we pray: in our journeying with you, may we never lose our sense of direction and never lose sight of the landmarks towards which we travel.

We look forward to an enriching, enjoyable and successful year for all our Year 12 students.

Ms Carolyne Williams & Ms Louise Tunney
Year 12 Coordinators