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Other Curriculum Extension Activities

St Aloysius College offers a variety of curriculum extension activities to complement students' educational experience.


Debating gives students a chance develop their confidence in public speaking and presenting an argument from both sides. Students find it an interesting challenge to argue from a point of view they do not necessarily agree with. Topics may be quite general and humorous or may be based on current events such as politics, social or environmental issues. St Aloysius College enters a number of debating teams each year in the Debating SA Incorporated competition.

Tournament of Minds

Tournament of Minds is a state-wide competition in which teams of seven compete to solve demanding open-ended problems. It is a wonderful opportunity to develop creative, divergent thinking, team work skills and initiative.

Debating Team

Mock Trials

Students compete in ther Mock Trial Competition, an interschool tournament run by the Law Sociery of South Australia.

Public Speaking

Clarity, conviction and confidence are essential ingredients in effective public speaking. Students have the opportunity to join a group at lunchtimes to hone their public speaking skills.

Other Activities

A range of other activities such as Moon Lantern Festival, Oliphant Science Awards, Chess Club, Writers Club, Book Club and Primary Craft Club are also offered.