The Silver & Gold level Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Silver & Gold level Duke of Edinburgh Award

Paddling their way ALONG THE RIVER!

Our Silver and Gold level Duke of Edinburgh Award participants weren’t at school on Friday for Pink Day – but that didn’t stop them from displaying their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They certainly stood out in their pink clothing as well as they kayaked along the river!

Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions are an excellent way for participants to use their critical thinking and teamwork skills whilst learning and having fun outdoors.

Year 10 student, Alexis Auret reflects on the experience:

Throughout the camp, my partner and I mostly successfully lead our group through the river using only a map and compass. I believe that this helped improve my individual navigating and location awareness skills. We did not have amazing weather during our camp, but we remained joyful and we enjoyed our experience. We got rained on a few times, and had to put up and take down very wet tents, but it was an experience that I’m glad I have had. I ended up with an extra long kayak, which benefited me by allowing me to have more room to pack, but made it extremely difficult for me to turn and control the kayak. I got stuck in logs are reeds a few times and struggled to get out of them because of the size of my kayak. Overall, my camp was a positive experience which I could make even better next time by packing a few extra clothes, as mine all got very wet.