Reading Mentor Program

Reading Mentor Program

sharing the joy of literature with young readers

Three years ago, as part of Communities of Practice, a mentor program was developed with an aim to offer more reading practise for young readers in Year 5, and some eager Year 10 students were eager to take on the role as mentors. Year 12 students, Tara and Adie, have followed through with the Reading Mentor Program through the past three years, offering encouragement and wise tips, and sharing in the joy of literature with young readers. We are so very grateful for so generously giving their time for this project.

The Year 12 mentors and Year 5 readers reflect on the Reading Mentor Program:

“For the past three years we’ve had the opportunity to visit younger students once or twice a week and listen to them as they read. This has been such a rewarding experience, and it’s been fantastic to see these girls’ confidence and reading skills blossom throughout the year. Thank you once again for this amazing opportunity, and all the best for the future!”
Adie (Year 12 Student)

“Since 2020, I have been reading with various students from Year 4 and Year 5. We would sit together for fifteen minutes once a week and practise pronunciation and reading aloud. This allowed students to become more confident in their reading, helping them to improve work in class and activities outside of school. I have really enjoyed this experience as I made great connections with some of the younger students and improved my own abilities to communicate and teach ideas.” Tara (Year 12 Student)

“I enjoyed reading to Adie this year. Last year I had Tara practising with me, which was great too. They have been helpful and nice. I want to wish them the best of luck for their future.” Anuki and Alana (Year 5 Students)

Ms Judith OLoughlin