South Australian Space Camp

South Australian Space Camp

A stimulating and rewarding educational experience

Congratulations to Alexis, Amelia, Oliva, and Sydney, who were successful applicants to the South Australian Space Camp. Amelia and Sydney spent 4 days during the holidays on the camp and Alexis and Olivia will participate in the camp early next year. What an amazing achievement!

Amelia and Sydney visited the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Base where they heard from engineers at the base and had a tour of a plane.  “There is so much to the RAAF, other than just being in the military and fighting jets. The engineering behind the scenes is fascinating.” Sydney Villis

They then visited Hamilton Secondary College, where they participated in a Mission to Mars. “We became the astronauts and mission control for the day and underwent all the trials that come with these jobs. It was awesome!” Amelia Carman

“We built rockets from a kit, then launched them. They travelled high and used a parachute when landing.” Sydney Villis

“We stayed at the Warradale Camp site for 4 days, who knew you could meet so many amazing people in such a short time? We all wish we could have this experience again, if not for the STEM, but for the friends we made along the way.” Amelia Carman

Other places they went to included the Space Discovery Centre, MOD, Adelaide University and Defence and Science Technology group (DST)

“There are so many opportunities in the Space industry right here in Adelaide, on our doorstep! Sydney Villis

“I had never realised the career possibilities that Adelaide offers in Space; we are on our way to becoming the Space State of Australia. Through this camp I’ve learnt about many fantastic opportunities in astrophysics and engineering, (my fields of interest), that can almost be found on my doorstep.” Amelia Carman

Again, congratulations girls, on your well-deserved experience.

Ms Joanne Villis
Digital Technologies Coordinator