From the Science Coordinator

From the Science Coordinator

Ms Linda Kitto
Science Coordinator

Embarking on Discovery – Year 12 Biology students attend a workshop at Flinders University

At the end of Term 1 our Year 12 Biology students had the opportunity to investigate some of the techniques used in Forensic Biology. Students used a technique called gel electrophoresis to create a DNA fingerprint that could be used to identify victims and suspects. It was a great opportunity to work in the science labs at Flinders University and meet and talk to university students currently studying Forensic Science.

South Australian Space Camp

In the school holidays Year 10 student Luisa was selected to attend the South Australian Space Camp. This is an experience aimed at providing a stimulating and rewarding educational experience for the most intelligent and talented of our Year 10 students in South Australia, to focus them on a career in science or engineering.

Luisa reflected: “Many highlights range from the Mars simulation that involved working in mission control and as an astronaut to launching rockets, all whilst making new friends.”