Year 5 Camp 2024

Year 5 Camp 2024

From canoeing to archery, students challenged themselves and had a wonderful time at Mylor Adventure Camp

Year 5 students reflected:

The Year 5’s were all excited and nervous. The day had finally come, and we were going to camp! We had been talking about it for weeks, we were all so happy to spend one night with our friends and have fun. We went to Mylor on March 27th and 28th. The trip was a 30-minute drive from school to Mylor. When we were on the bus, we saw lots of wildlife and nature and it was very beautiful to see. We went to Mylor Adventure camp, and we got challenged in loads of ways. Did you know that the Onkaparinga River (It went through the Mylor camp) is 30% of our tap water at home? As a whole Year 5 group we all learnt different things and got out of our comfort zone trying things we would not usually try at school. Some of the activities we did were the challenge course (it was very muddy but also very fun) the giant swing (it was fun, but you need to go the whole way up), archery (so good, no words), canoeing (so fun to canoe with your friends), and raft making (had fun in the pool). We were kindly hosted by some Mylor camp staff. Overall, it was the best camp we have ever gone to.

In canoeing, students used the canoe, a paddle and we had to wear a life jacket. We had lots of challenges along the way. We got on the canoe which was not hard then we paddled! Near the end we held on to each other’s boat and people one by one walked on the canoes that was hard, but it was really fun. Something I learnt was how to canoe and to do something I could not do before.

For archery, all campers went to a little shelter near the basketball court. We used plastic and wood bows and arrows. The target was a few metres away from where we were standing. To do archery you have to get the arrow and clip it on the string of the bow then you need to pull back and let go. You need lots of power to hit the target. At archery I learnt how to aim properly and how to do the right form.                     

The giant swing was an engaging and fun activity. It was a very close walk from the site, just up the road. In the giant swing, we had a harness on, and we were attached to two straps. Our group used the rope to pull us up high and did a countdown. When we were instructed to, we pulled a wooden blueberry that was attached to the straps, and it detached and left us hanging on the one strap which made us swing back and forth quickly. One of the hardest challenges was that a lot of us were afraid of heights and felt anxious about going up all the way. But there was an option to go at a lower height to make us feel reassured. Another challenge was pulling the rope because it was really heavy but when we worked together as a team it made it feel light and easy to pull.

The challenge course was overwhelming at first because we kept stepping on land mines which were actually the ladder that we had to step in. We had to use teamwork throughout it all like doing an army crawl underneath a fishnet rope. We also had to dump our heads in dirty water whenever somebody fell off a slippery wooden beam when there was water in a cone. The challenge course lived up to its name! We learned that using teamwork is always important in our lives.

So overall, all the activities were extremely engaging, and the food was delicious! The dorms were cozy, and everything was undoubtedly fun! It really gave the outdoorsy vibe, and you were able to face your fears and learn a lot! Some challenges were harder than others, but we were able to break through the barrier keeping us from doing things we couldn’t do before.

By Andriana, Aubrey, Giulia, Sayumi, Selena and Aristella