From the Deputy Principal (Teaching and Learning)

From the Deputy Principal (Teaching and Learning)

Welcome to 2022

Welcome back everyone to the start of a new school year. A special welcome to all the new students, staff and families who are joining our school community this year. The start of this year is obviously very different to previous years, with students in Reception, Year 1, 7, 8 and 12 learning on campus and students in Year 2-6 and 9-11 learning remotely until the planned return date for all students of Monday 14 February. Remote Learning Plans for primary and secondary students have been communicated to students and families and you will also find these reproduced in this newsletter.

For all students, both on campus and at home, we hope that the start of the year is a positive experience, and that the year ahead enables all students to flourish and experience the success of their efforts and engagement.

Academic Results

The class of 2021 completed their entire SACE in the context of Covid-19. They excelled in both their academic results and in the way that they refused to let obstacles stand in the way of their achievement and goals. The ‘can do in any circumstances’ approach I witnessed last year is why I think of the achievements of the class of 2021 as nothing short of courageous. They were not daunted by the challenges, they did not use Covid as an excuse, but rather, they approached Year 12 with determination, confidence, and courage. We are so proud of every student of the class of 2021.

Congratulations to College Dux, Juliana Laverde who achieved an ATAR of 99.7. Congratulations also to Gabriela Coelho (ATAR 99.23) Ivy Larwood (ATAR 99.2) and Paige Gordon (ATAR 99.15), placing them in the top 1% of Australia students.

Our students received 36 A+ grades, with 16 Merits awarded across 6 subjects including: Biology, English, English Literary Studies, Italian, Research Project and Society & Culture.

We have postponed our assembly to celebrate the achievements of the Class of 2021 until it is safe to do so. Merit recipients will receive their certificate in a ceremony at Government House, however this event has been postponed for the same reason.

Some of the highlights from the class of 2021 include:

  • 100% SACE Completion
  • Over 21% percent of our students achieved an ATAR over 90, placing them in the top 10% of all Australian students.
  • Over 50% of our Year 12 students achieved an ATAR over 80, placing them in the top 20% of all Australian students.
  • 48% of all grades were A grade
  • 89% of all grades were A or B grades
  • 98% of all students who applied for university received a First-Round offer.

Congratulations to the Class of 2021 and all their teachers!

School Diary

The student diary is an important tool for communication between school and home, as well as a place to record homework and due dates for assignments. Teachers will check the diary regularly and we ask you to check and sign the diary at least once a week. The diary is an invaluable tool to help students develop their organisational skills.


The student diary is an important tool for communication betHomework is an essential part of the study program at St Aloysius College, helping to develop learning patterns, reinforces class learning, develop study skills and providing opportunities for revision, reading and completion of ongoing assignments. Students are expected to complete homework set by their teachers. Teachers are also very conscious of the many demands on students, recognising that homework should not deny students the opportunity to spend time with their family, friends or engage in other interests. Students should be able to develop the ability to incorporate homework into their lives in a balanced way. Communication with the subject teacher from parents or caregivers is needed if students have been unable to complete homework.


Teachers understand that difficulties completing tasks can arise. In these circumstances, early communication of difficulties is strongly encouraged. If an assignment cannot be completed by the due date, then an extension should be requested. Students in Year 11 or 12 who are absent on the day of a test or exam due to illness may require a medical certificate. In situations where students are experiencing significant challenges with schoolwork, or if students are likely to be absent for more than a few days, students and/or parents should contact their daughter’s Home Class teachers and/or subject teachers as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about the curriculum at any time, please do not hesitate to contact me at the College.

Ms Jacqui Jury

Remote Learning Plans

The Remote Learning Guidelines for Students and Families detail the online learning strategy and available resources.